About Dr. Ram

I have an integrated approach to health and work closely with my clients to find unique Solutions to presenting questions. Integrating ancient wisdom of Ayurveda with current system, and drawing on a variety of techniques, I am able to offer a perfect health naturally.


I was born in traditional Vaishnav family in a tiny village close to Himalayas. In 1984 I completed my Ayurvedic Degree - Ayurvedacharya (BAMS) from Kurukshetra University, India. This was followed by a Post Graduate Degree in Alternate Healing and a Diploma in Panchakarma.

While running an integrated clinic - and following my family tradition - I studied the Vedic Health Care System under the guidance of Vaidya Braham Sawroop Sharma of Kurukshetra for ten years. As a medical specialist I also managed the Vimla General Hospital Yamunanagar, India.

Professional Experience

I have presented several research papers in seminars globally. My thesis "Psycho-Spiritual Healing" (MANO-NIGRAH) was presented in the Ayurved Congress in Saharanpur in 1999. In 2001 I presented a thesis on "Health for All" Role of Ayurveda, at the South Asian Health Conference India.

In 2003, I was invited to South Africa to pursue and expand the field of Ayurveda in the country. I worked successfully there and treated thousands of patients from all over the globe. I have successfully treated arthritis, cellulites, epilepsy, high cholesterol, hormonal diseases, IBS, infertility, liver disorders, obesity, migraine, sexual disorder, sinusitis, split personality and other psychic diseases. I have also worked extensively with patients suffering from Chronic Fatigue, Post Traumatic Stress Disorders, Drug Addiction and other Psychosomatic Diseases and had good results

I have assisted in improving the quality of life for patients by individually developing healthy lifestyle patterns for people who suffer from Diabetes, HT, CRF, COAD, Heart Disease and Paraplegia.

I have also been working with patients who suffer from Cancer, HIV, and Multiple Sclerosis. In such conditions, Ayurveda is used in combination with conventional systems of Chemotherapy, ARV, etc resulting in substantial improvements.

In 2013 I created a fully fledged Panchkarma centre in the beautiful Tapovan valley of Rishikesh on the River Ganges. We have now built a fully fledged Panchkarma centre in Rishikesh and I am available here for Ayurvedic consultation and all treatments. During the year I also travel to my Ayurveda centre in South Africa.


I dedicate my 2 decades of work to Jagdish Raj a Rickshaw Puller of Yamunanagar - a small town in India. He was my first patient after Ayurveda university education. His Multi Drug Resistant TB was successfully treated by Ayurveda. He gave me a lot of confidence and trust in my education in Ayurveda.

I am thankful to, VaidyaShiromani Braham Sharma, who taught me the secrets of Ayurveda including pulse diagnosis. I thank Dr. Pardeep Mukhi, who taught me to use my medical skills in diagnosis and to know my limitations while treating life threatening conditions. I thank Yogi Raj Baldev Swami, who made me understand how a breathing pattern can be used in Ayurvedic diagnosis and treatment.

I appreciate the fact that, Gisa Dominica from Australia, Edie from Israel, Ammy Moore from Hollywood, Gillian Rams Den from USA, Barbara Hipkiss from UK, Sana Pelzer from Switzerland, Hameida Sheikh I from UAE, and thousands of others who have traveled all the way to see me just for Ayurveda. I pay my thankfulness to my patients from India and South Africa for helping me to work throughout the globe.

I am inspired by Carel Blanker who is just 73 years old and runs his business successfully in Johannesburg like a young man with the help of my Rasayana (Rejuvenation Treatment).

I am also thankful to those patients who I was unable to cure through a lack of understanding each other. One always learns from such experiences.

"My humble gratitude goes to my mother Vimla Garg, who told me that, celery seeds and black salt with warm water help to cure acidity when I was just six year old. From that day on I began to explore the secrets of Ayurveda- the earth's oldest science of healing."