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"Welcome to the world of Ayurveda"

Our organization, N. Ayurveda International, includes Ayurvedic Doctors, Vedic scholars, astrologers, yogis, psychiatrists, medical doctors and experts from pious vicinity. We work as team to treat individual persons. All of us are on in regular contact with each other. All members are specialists and skilled in their respective field.
We are based in Rishikesh, North India on the river Ganges and provide all Vedic remedies under one roof here.
All Ayurvedic treatments, effusive healing, Ayurveda trainings and Self-enrichment programs are provided in the beautiful Tapovan valley of Rishikesh

We also organize classes, clinics and workshops all over the world.

Our motto is to explore ancient eastern wisdom and to present its secrets to everyone in a practical form. According to Ayurveda, we humans are not supposed to have any problems. We are expected to enjoy journey to this planet for 100 years without any problem or disease. The root cause of our problems lies somewhere in the food we eat, in our life-style, in our thinking, and in our emotions. Some of the problems are result of mysterious bio-spiritual reasons.

I have only the highest regard for Dr Ram and his team. He provides a highly professional service, with the greatest of compassion, wisdom and knowledge. I am exceptionally greatful for the work he has done with my entire family and recommend him without hesitation. Truly a specialist in this field.

Sue Schoning - Intuitive Counselor Healer and Metaphysical Teacher Berlin Germany

Doctor Ram is an exceptional and experienced medical professional. He has helped me improve my health in many regards, using various techniques of Ayurveda. Under Doctor Ram's care, I feel stronger, not just physically, but mentally, emotionally and spiritually too. Under his quiet demeanour, lies a great strength and enormous talent.

His dedication is unwavering and he is often available to me and my family on weekends and after hours. I feel absolutely confident in his ability to help patients recover from illness without using traditional allopathic medication, and would recommend him without hesitation.

Jainita Khatri South Africa - CRM Specialist and Consultant.

How Ayruveda Helped me Restore Balance

"People say I am not a social person. The reason why is that I have been sick for a long time and that is why I am here for Panchkarma to explore my creative capabilities. This treatment has helped me a lot. Now I feel more social and open. Being in Rishikesh is a unique adventure. This place is just wonderful. There is a perfect harmony between nature and buildings. Everyone seems to be happy in Rishikesh. Treatment at Dr Ram Ayurveda Rishikesh is a unique experience. It is perfectly located giving the guests a very nice view of what is surrounding including the river. People are very kind." Cremildo Paulo Vasco. M Sc Earthquake Engineering (University of Patras Greece). Lecturer in Civil Engineering

Cremildo Paulo Vasco. M Sc Earthquake Engineering (University of Patras Greece). Lecturer in Civil Engineering