Remedial Prayer

  • We have all the knowledge and wisdom of the universe inside of us. A cell creates its own energy and exists the same way a human does. A human creates its own energy and exists in the same way a galaxy does. It is all the same; however, each cell, each human, each galaxy, is unique.
    Remedial prayers are some rituals to minimize the effect of bad energy. These help to correct the imbalance in life. One must perform these rituals with full faith and devotion.

    A prayer is a collective way of worship by a group of people. At that moment of collectiveness there is a connection with a profound awareness. We are then aware that we are not alone in the world. All prayers in their constitution are the clearest, most magical and most inspired manifestation of human thinking because they are beyond conscious thoughts. Every religion or traditional rituals must have a meaning. May be we have not understand these till now. That is the reason Ayurveda respect all religion and philosophies. We must humble before mystery of nature which is paradigms of the most profound, arcane mystery. To us that seems beautiful because there is no reason that something we don't understand rationally should not be true after all natural mystery exists.

In the practice of Ayurveda, it is very common for the doctor to ask the date and time of birth of their patients in order to know the basic constitution of that person. Vedic Medical Astrology is drawn on basis of time, place, date, of the birth of the concerned person and then appropriate advice is given to solve the problem of a person. According to Vedic philosophy a human being is a universe in him rather every cell is a galaxy. All stars and planets are not merely showpieces they have a specific role in our life span.

Astrology is based on the fact that when the environment can affect our feelings, the moon can affect so far placed non-living sea then much bigger planets like Sun, Venus etc. do affect the human behavior and it is left to us to predict what changes they will bring to our lives.

Remedial Prayers are Healing ceremonies called KARMA KANDA. In these ceremonies Fire plays a very important part because

Fire is one of the purest forms of the five major elements in this world, which we also call energy.

What is Vedic prayer (fire ceremony?)
In ancient texts of Ayurvedic wisdom, Vedic prayers (Fire Ceremony) are prescribed for karmic diseases when medicines fail to bring necessary results. Ayurvedic texts also mention Vedic prayers (Fire Ceremony) as a rejuvenative.

During this, a specific prayer is organized by our Vedic university on your behalf. This prayer is done in Rishikesh India on the bank of river Ganges. We also do a fire ceremony same time here in Johannesburg during treatment for specific cleansing.

Vedic prayers (Fire Ceremony) are ancient Vedic practices that were performed to bring coherence and harmony to the human being though sounds, fire and the release of medicinal and aromatic substances as smoke along with special Vedic remedies.

A Vedic prayer is the lunar and nourishing component of nature; it gives us vitality, health, wisdom and stability in our human physiology. A Vedic prayer (Fire Ceremony) is performed to increase the quality and quantity of piece for the entire being. Some specific plants from the Himalayas which high a high quantity of healing properties in its makeup. These herbs are put into the Vedic prayers (Fire Ceremony) fire with specific combinations to produce a unique harmonizing effect. Just as one should provide right food to the body for good health and advancement of consciousness, by performing Vedic prayers (Fire Ceremony) we provide food on a quantum level to the underlying intelligences in our being. When these prime forces are balanced, the world we live in becomes more harmonious and conducive to individual evolution.

All your donation goes to India for feeding some poor people There are lot of situations which can only be understood and accepted through faith and not logic. Karma Kanda tries to deal with bio spiritual questions.

Vedic prayer is not a religious ritual. Instead, it tries to understand the human side of our lives, the interrelationships, the conflicts within, the idea of faith and belief, and the power of love. It deals with a gamut of human emotions that exist in our society, without getting judgmental about the society or a person in particular.

Everyone should perform this cleaning ritual so as to give thanks for all living and non living entities on this planet.