Treatments and Remedies

  • Ayurveda is an ancient knowledge of the healing properties of plants, minerals and nature, which has been closely protected and guarded, and has been passed on from generation to generation for thousands of years. Ayurvedic treatment is not a Pill for the ill it is an exchange of human touch.

    Our physio-psychological aspects change, influenced by social, environmental, and cultural factors. Any incidenteither good or bad has an effect on our breathing (life force), whichforms a part of our memory in the subconscious mind. At times it may reflect immediately or it may lay there as a physical or psychic scar. At a later stage, it may react whereby these scars start oozing in the form of symptoms and disease. The role of the physician is to restore the natural balance by intervening in the pathological cycle and developing the healthy processes again with the help of an appropriate diet and drugs. Drugs are used to help nature to regain the lost harmony.

Ayurvedic treatments are based on the principle to treat the root cause. It is a time tested fact that the process of disease starts in the aura of a human being. This process is aggravated by not following healthy lifestyle patterns. As a result toxins are produced in the body. Our body by nature tries to get rid of these toxins. This defensive act of the body is considered to be disease. Modern science tries to suppress the symptoms rather than to attend to the root cause.

Ayurvedic treatment is not only beneficial to people who are ill or suffer from bad health but it also benefits people with healthy conditions and assists in maintaining wellbeing. We offer all Ayurvedic treatments, medicines and other remedies in our Centre. We provide complete health restoration under one roof.


Ayurveda treats every individual uniquely; hence there are no standard Ayurvedic prescriptions or programs. A consultation with an Ayurvedic physician, will give the patient a better understanding of himself and of his condition which includes Ayurvedic medicines, dietary changes or detox therapies

Ayurvedic Therapies in the true Ayurvedic way impacts and transforms the entire being. It is a complete education into a new way of life and definitely relieves one from deep-rooted toxins. Panchakarma is a comprehensive Ayurvedic system used to purify the body of toxins. It consists of many forms of therapy designed to prevent or manage disease, restore balance and eventually rejuvenate the entire being. Although Panchakarma is used to treat serious and chronic conditions, it is also highly effective as preventative treatment. Ayurveda recommends it on a regular basis as it eliminates accumulated Ama and negative Dosha imbalances. As such it strengthens the immune system. Besides doing traditional Panchakarma other unique Ayurvedic herbal treatments listed below are offered.

Ayurvedic Medicines

Ayurvedic medication is natural and herbal based and completely non-toxic. Most medications are plant extracts and are manufactured in India and exported under strict supervision of the health ministry. It is important to note that natural medicines which are used are made up of the herbs and minerals which also constitute our body. That is why there are no side-effects from Ayurvedic medications.

I was suffering from rheumatoid arthritis for years and was almost immovable. After Dr Ram Ayurveda treatment, I am fully functional; my ESR is reduced from 70 to 04. I thank you and your staff for the wonderful job you are doing. Services of your associate doctors and therapy technicians are very commendable. God bless you all. Carly Menditch (Cairo Egypt)