Wellness Products

Herbal products are becoming popular worldwide but availability can be problematical. We in the Dr Ram Ayurveda Wellness Team believe in the virtues of a holistic approach to life and we promote the message of “Authentic Ayurveda universally”.

For our remedies, we source high quality, authentic, wellness products. If you are looking for any specific product, we will provide you with information re availability and details as per your request. Besides this we have own product range of herbal packages.

Evatone Package - it consist of three types of tablets and one powder.

The Evatone Package provides specially formulated, tonics, healthcare supplements, and related healthcare products for prenatal, postnatal and neonatal care as well as ensuring effective reproductive health. The Evatone Package is also an effective herbal solution to menopause and conditions related to pre-menstrual tension. This package is effective in managing the changes in the body from the onset of puberty through to menopause. The Evatone Package is a perfect solution in impeding the aging process. Periodic rejuvenation therapy will keep health, beauty and zest, intact throughout the years.

Weight-Gain Formulae it consist of two types of tablets and one capsules.

The Ayurveda Weight Gain formula is a popular and well-known tonic for weight gain. It is a fine combination of various nutritious, natural herbs, which help in strengthening the bones and muscles of the body and assist in increasing weight. The weight-gain package is suitable for all ages both in male and female. This happens to be a sure shot medicine for weight-gain.

Weight Loss Package it consist of two types of tablets and one capsules.

It is a specifically designed for assisting the body in burning more calories by efficiently using stored body fat for energy. The Ayurvedic weight-loss package is an all-natural herbal supplement that burns fat and promotes effective weight management. It constantly trims and flattens your waistline, eliminates stomach and body bloating, and is certain to deliver outstanding results and maintain the beauty of your skin.

Power-plus for Sexual Health it consists of two types of tablets and one capsules.

Power-plus is a wonderful Ayurvedic health tonic. It acts as a mood enhancer and assists in elevating libido function. After regular consumption, it increases sexual desire and performance, whilst treating premature ejaculation. A herbal, sexual health supplement serves as the ultimate preference for both male and female. It is a unique formulation of rare and precious herbs, which function as a natural sexual enhancer.

Immunity-Booster Package it consist of three types of tablets and one capsules.

This Ayurvedic packages contains wonderful time tested herbs used as restoratives since centuries.Besides boosting immunity, this package also improves mental clarity, and flourishes cognitive memories.

Liver Detox & Blood Cleanse Package it consist of three types of tablets.

By cleansing the liver, we are talking about inducing the liver to purge all of the fats, old cholesterol deposits, gallstones, poisons, drug residues and toxic wastes stored therein. Most diseases cannot develop in the body (that is, no form of cell degeneration can occur) if the liver is functioning in an efficient healthy manner. Conversely, an unhealthy liver is very likely at the root of most serious health problems.

This natural detoxification package is highly recommended for providing a liver cleanse that would enhance effectiveness and ease discomfort. It assists in flushing toxins from the liver and it is a blood and lymph purifier. It stimulates peristalsis (muscular movement of the colon), halts purification, and heals the mucus membrane (lining of the colon)

Hair Care Pack is available in two types of oil.

An overall care of hygiene and cosmetology involving the hair on the human head. Hair care is specialised herbal formula to improve scalp circulation. These herbs strengthen the root of hairs.

To obtain more information about our wellness products, to place an order or to ask us to source any other wellness product not listed please complete the form below and we will contact you back shortly with availability and cost. Alternatively you can mail us at ayurvedadr@hotmail.com