Dr Ram Garg completed an undergraduate BAMS at Kurukshetra University. He managed the Vimla multi-speciality Hospital in Yamunanagar while simultaneously practising as a General Medical Doctor for 10 years. After his medical practice he completed his Masters Degree in Alternate Healing as well as a Diploma in Panchakarma.

He has presented several research papers in seminars held globally. His thesis “Psycho-Spiritual Healing” (MANO-NIGRAH) was presented in the Ayurveda Congress. In 2003 he presented a paper on “Health for All: The Role of Ayurveda” at the South Asian Health Conference held in India.
In 2003, he was invited to South Africa to pursue and expand the field of Ayurveda in the country.

Dr Ram Ayurveda  currently has an Ayurveda center located in Johannesburg, South Africa and another in Rishikesh, India.

Our Motto is: To explore ancient eastern wisdom and to share its treasure with everyone in a practical form.

All our staff consists of qualified and highly specialised in their respective fields. Together we take great pride in caring for your health.

our goal is to provide you with an absolute space for healing, relaxation and meditation whilst enjoying our Ayurvedic treatments.