An ayurvedic consultation with a qualified Ayurveda doctor is the most important part for a journey with Ayurveda. This is an extensive process which may take up to an hour. During this initial consultation, Dr Ram not only examines the person from an Ayurveda perspective but also uses his western medical skills for diagnosis. It is therefore advisable to bring all your prescribed medicines, X -Rays and lab reports when you come for a consultation.

The consultation consists of questions regarding lifestyle, diet & health. During the consultation an Ayurvedic Tri- Dosha pulse assessment is done, and if need be, a physical examination. The diagnosis informs the personalised treatment plan & Ayurveda medicines (If necessary) are advised accordingly.

Cost for 1st visit is 600 Rand cash, excluding treatments.

Our working hours are from 9 am to 6 pm Monday to Sunday – all seven days of the week.

For booking please call 082 852 8084  / 011 886 1356