We offer Panchkarma packages in Randburg

We offer Panchkarma packages that enhance body relaxation, rejuvenation and detox. Panchakarma is a sophisticated, specialized process that includes specific Ayurveda and yoga cathartic therapies to flush out the emotional and physical garbage from body and sub-conscious mind.

It is a comprehensive Ayurvedic technique that purifies the body of these toxins. It consists of various forms of individualized therapies designed to prevent or manage disease, restore balance and eventually rejuvenate the entire being. Although Panchakarma is used to treat serious and chronic conditions, it is also highly effective as a preventative treatment. Panchkarma is available at our Center and requires a minimum duration of 2-3 hours for the treatments. Ayurvedic Therapies applied by the true Ayurvedic technique would impact and transform the entire being; it serves as a complete guide for the development of a new way of life, that relieves one from the deep-rooted toxins

We offer a Marma massage , massage Shirodhara and various balancing therapies. The specific line of Ayurvedic Panchakarma treatment would entail a period of 7-10 days We would recommend some exclusive meditation techniques for de-stressing that would enhance a state of the free from gravitational pull. Meditations practiced in its correct sequential order, gradually can lead to rediscover ones abounding potential on all levels of human consciousness - physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual.

We also offer half-day packages.
That comprise of a complimentary meal and drink (chai tea)
Kindly note, we may arrange for accommodation upon request for those individuals travelling from other provinces into Johannesburg
Gift vouchers are also available on request.