Treatments and Remedies

  • Our center provides more than 20 body and beauty experiences that integrate traditional Indian wellness practices of Ayurveda and Yoga with the best of international wellness experiences. The personalized therapy and activities programmes are designed to meet individual needs and health goals.

    These involve de-stressing, detoxification and cleansing, deep relaxation, anti-ageing, weight & inch loss, while also offering guidance in the areas of nutrition and active fitness. A team of Qualified Therapists, as well as Yoga and Fitness experts all gently guide clientstowards a better lifestyle.

    Some of the treatments and therapies are listed below.

Ayurvedic massage (Abhyangam Treatment)

There are some 40 different types of massage techniques, which are performed along with a host of other diagnostic tools utilized by ayurvedic healers to address various health conditions of ill health. Abhyangam has been practiced for thousands of years by ayurvedic healers.

A massage is considered to be a luxurious indulgence. According to Ayurveda, massage plays an important role in the wellbeing of an individual. It is a key component which has been used for centuries all over the world for restoring wellness and optimal health.

Abhyangam is an effective Ayurvedic massage which is the secret to irresistible and beautiful skin. It is the effective way of slowing down your skin’s aging process. It purifies and nourishes the skin and helps to make it soft, giving your skin shine and lustre.

The therapists use large amounts of warm premedicated oil to massage the entire body. The oil that is used varies according to the season and also the Dosha or constitution of individual.

Benefits of the Abhyangam Treatment

By giving your body the benefits of this wonderful massage treatment you will experience a great sense of nourishment and nurturing. The therapy provides the following benefits.

It helps the nervous system and benefits the musculoskeletal system. It tones and strengthens the muscles and joints. It supports the mind, body and soul while improving your sleeping pattern. It nourishes your body and promotes lubrication and proper blood circulation. It helps to stimulate the scalp. It gives lustre to your hair. It nourishes the skin. It reduces the skin’s aging process. It stimulates the lymph nodes. It relieves stress and fatigue. It brightens your complexion. It is beneficial to eliminate toxins from the three doshas: Vata, Pitta and Kapha.

Ayurveda considers the ear, scalp and feet to be the maps which represent the entire body. So massaging these areas with oil tends to create a positive impact on your body system.

Give your body a rejuvenating treatment with the ancient Ayurvedic massage therapy of Abhyangam and enjoy the life time benefits it provides.

Duration : 60-80 minutes

Ayurvedic facial therapy

Ayurvedic facial is one of the best natural beauty treatments to get healthy and glowing skin. It includes a massage using special herbal oils or creams. Skin plays a vital role in protecting the internal organs from the external environment. It is very important to maintain skin integrity and health. Certain factors such as prolonged sun exposure, pollutants, chemicals, etc. can have some harsh effects on skin. Skin infections, inflammation and other disorders can also affect the skin. Skin diseases should be taken seriously as there is arisk of systematic infection that can be fatal.

Therapies offered as Ayurvedic beauty treatment.

Ayurveda offers special beauty treatments.The Ayurvedic facial is an important therapy. It uses Ayurveda special oils or cream for a natural face lift massage. Ayurvedic facial treatment can also be performed using some special anti-aging herbs leading to wrinkle free skin. Apart from Ayurvedic facial some other therapies such as SHIRANGA and SOUNDRYA are also recommended for skin care.

Unlike other beauty therapies, an Ayurvedic facial therapy is known to be the best for any skin type. It is not only the herbal therapy that makes sureyour skin does not erupt, it also cleanses your skin and makes it smooth and soft.This treatment is designed to provide a smoothing and grounding effect, improve skin lustre, add glow to the face, reducing pigmentation, block spots, and dark circles.

A specialized herbal pack is used to deeply exfoliate the skin which is followed by a light Abhyangam on the face with herbal oil or herbal cream.

An Ayurvedic massage therapy takes care of acne and acne scars. If you have blemishes that leave a dark patch on your skin, an Ayurvedic massage with oils and packs to suit your skin type will heal this problem.

Since herbal packs are used for this treatment, those suffering from dry skin problems will be benefitted in more ways than one. The pack ensures that the dryness is taken care off and also your skin stays hydrated for a good amount of time.Makes your skin glow!

The herbal and natural ingredients ensure that your skin is well-nourished and radiates. If you go in for facials that are done using lentils, rose or saffron packs, it will lighten your skin and keep it glowing for a long time.

Duration : 60-80 minutes


Shirodhara is a form of classic Ayurvedic therapy that includes the pouring of warm herbal oil in a continuous stream onto the forehead. Ayurvedic Shirodhara treatment is very effective in promoting sound sleep and reducing stress.

The procedure requires you to lie down on the massage table with closed eyes. Shirodhara first begins with Ayurvedic body massage. Thereafter, the Shirodhara procedure is started. The pouring of lukewarm oil is done in an oscillating manner.

The time duration of Shirodhara treatment may extend from 3 to 60 minutes depending on the condition of the patient. It is also important to make sure that the oil does not enter our eyes or ears. You are sometimes given a mild head massage before or during Shirodhara.

The whole process of Shirodhara awakens one’s intelligence at the cellular level. Self-awareness is about observing yourself and recognizing the feeling as it happens inside and outside. This is first step towards perfect health which we are looking for and we deserve. It is all about intelligence.

Shirodhara helps to take charge of our health by improving cellular intelligence. During the Shirodhara treatment, special music is played on the CD player. This music has different sound vibrations and is specially designed to dissolve all unresolved issues stuck in brain nodes or anywhere in the body.

Music provides healthy vision of sound-vibration which helps to remove illness and engender a healthy spirit, mind and body. Every sound carries with it some content of words, vibration, tone, rhythms, tunes, pitches and certain intensities of the frequency. The mantra of music has a particular impact on living beings. This is helpful in correcting disarranged rhythms within the body as well as mind. Just as humans enjoy rhythmic contents of heartbeat, lung and intestinal movements as well as the function of each and every cell, vibration of music has a profound effect on the sub-consciousness mind.This in turn reorganises and tones up the normal rhythm of the body organs.

Indian music embraces RAGAS (instrumental), ALAPS (vocal), VANI (speech). The sound vibrations and the human vibrations harmonise providing healthy resonances in mind and body. Specific sounds elicit specific emotions or toxins which impact different cells.

Shirodhara is not only healing. It elicits energy, kindness, compassion. Together with music it provides perfect heath. Shirodhara is not only curative remedy but also a wonderful preventive management like rebooting your system or servicing car.

Duration : 60-80 minutes

Shiroabhyanga (Indian head massage)

A head massage known as champi, is practically a part of the Indian culture and the techniques involved in it have been passed down from generation to generation. In the recent decades, science too realized the positive impacts that a head massage can have on the body, leading to its increasing popularity and the emergence of upscale massage parlours

Indian head massage is a traditional therapy that has its own technique; it involves an application of massage to the shoulders, arms, necks, head and face. The processes of head massage therapy are based on the principle of Ayurveda; its aim is to perform the flow of energy or chakras in the body. The basic objective of this Indian massage is to relieve headache, stress, helps to sleep, relieve muscle tension to stimulate health and wellness. It is also found helpful to those persons suffering from migraines, insomnia and sinusitis.

When Indian head massage therapy is carried out, you may feel relaxed, calm and rejuvenated. You may also feel sleepy; it is a natural stage when you should simply try to listen to your body and relax. To get energizing effect drink a lot of water to flush out toxins, follow the aftercare advise you therapist who gives to you to achieve the benefits. A massage is considered to be a luxuries indulgence. According to Ayurveda plays an important role in wellbeing of an individual. It is a key component which has been used for centuries all over the world for restoring wellness and optimal health. In recent times, massage therapy is gaining popularity due to its benefits.

Duration : 45 minutes

Kati Basti- low back oil therapy

Kati Basti is a medicinal oil treatment for relieving tensions of the lower back. The patient lies down on their stomach; a ring is fixed on their back with a paste made of special flours and water. The therapist pours very warm oil inside the circle, this sesame based oil relive all tensions and will penetrate deep into bone tissues. The therapist must keep the oil very warm for 30 minutes after which the patient receives a short massage with the same oil. A complete massage with bath is always recommended. This treatment is focused on maintain a pool of herabalised oil or herbal water on the lower side of the back for the purpose of reducing inflammation and pain caused by lumbar spondylosis, sciatica and osteoporosis. It is very balancing for vata. It nourishes the root and second chakra thereby helping to improve libido, urinary problems, prostrate problems and menstrual problems. It helps mental functioning if one has problem with spine.

Marma Massage

Marma Massage is a highly specialized and scientific form and must be done by a skilled and qualified person to flush out all garbage from mind and body. / resulting one to feel gravity free.
Marma: - Marma point is a juncture on the body where two or more types of tissue meet, such as muscles, veins, ligaments, bones or joints. Yet marma points are much more than a causal connection of tissue and fluids; they are intersections of the vital life force. Marma massage is a significant aspect of the Ayurvedic treatments where specific points are present on the body where the application of specific oil induces the flow conscious networking along a complex system of subtle channels. The word Marma literally means a Tender full vital point, which is a conjugation of muscle, nerve, joint, bone, tendon, artery and vein either in combination of two, three etc. or all the above structures. The healing through marma massage affects the energy centres, Physical health and the Doshas. The purpose of a Marma Massage is to stimulate the various body organs and systems.
The actions of Marma are controlled by the conscious networking in human body. Marma therapy focuses on energizing the body to relieve all diseases.

Pizzichilli oil bath

The pizzichilli hot oil massage is the ultimate experience for deep relaxation. A continues stream of healing hot herbal oil is poured over the body, which soaks through the skin and deep into the body tissues. This softens him skin and mobilizes impurities. It also balances vata Dosha and eases stiff joint, sore muscles and rids the body of fatigue. After this, body is wiped with a hot compress to further stimulate the oil’s penetration. Specific herbalized oil is poured onto the body through special method and massaged into the body. This is the heaviest oil treatment and therefore the most nourishing. The patients are bathed in the steam of warm oil, after oil massage of the whole body. Three technicians do this procedure on the table. It is a procedure recommended for the problems of joints and that of rigidity. It is also powerful procedure, which reduces tiredness, dryness, arthritis and pain in the joints. Benefits of pizzichilli: -Revitalize every cell in the body, gentle massage to balance the body, rids the body of toxins, eases pain, rheumatics and arthritis rejuvenates

Duration : 60-80 minutes

Udvarta herbal powder massage

Udvartais a treatment explained in Ayurveda as an ultimate remedy for many metabolic and life style disorders. We are all used to the sophisticated ways of modern day life and food and we get trapped in its fantasies and illusions to the extent that we reach a point of no return. We deviate from the ethics and moralities of a holistic way of life.

The Udvartana treatment uses powders composed of minerals, herbs and medicinal species. And the Udvartana massage stimulates the metabolic process. So, the use of powders, either dry or applied after oil massage, has a mild dermis-abrasive effect, ideal for removing impurities and treating stains and eruptions. Its active components contribute to purification and activation of the skin’s metabolism and is especially suitable for circulatory disorders, cellulite, fluid retention, obesity, etc. Udvartana treatment tones and strengthens the body with the application of oils along with a mix of herbal powders. These powders are rough in nature and hot in potency and create fiction when massaged. This herbal mix opens up the pores, melts down blockages in vessels, increases the heat inside tissues and seeps in to trigger fat burning metabolism.

Udvartana is a body-toning treatment which involves applying a mixture of herbal powder and oil on the body. This also helps in revitalizing the skin. The therapy is most effective when taken as part of a wellness plan that includes a suitable diet, regular exercise and intake of herbal medication as prescribed by our Ayurveda physician. The complete program helps in weight reduction and in attaining a well-toned body.

A sedentary life style may result in excessive belly fat. Udvartana is an Ayurveda treatment used for toning and strengthening the body with the application of oils along with a combination of prescribed herbal powders.

Udvartana has been practised to perfection by Ayurvedic doctors for ages. It is an important therapy and is mandatory forthe treatment of obesity slimming clinics and weight reduction programs. Udvartana is not limited to the treatment of obesity. It is a remedy for a wide array of problems.

Benefits of Udvartana massage: liquefies fat in the body and helps eliminate it; performs a lymphatic drainage of the whole body; activates circulation; helps eliminate all kinds of toxins; reduces body aches;provides lightness to the body; reduces excess sweat and body odour; reduces sagging and adds muscle tone; reduces fatigue and lethargy.

In summary it activates the metabolism.

Duration : 60-80 minutes

Nadi sweda (local stream)

Nadi sweda (local stream) is a specific hot stream therapy that falls under the former category of shodhana or purification treatment. In Ayurveda, the whole range of shodhana or purification treatments comes under a group of detoxification treatment called Panchkarma.

Apart from its independent role as a treatment for muscular and skeletal disorders, Nadi sweda is an irreplaceable process in the overall Ayurvedic therapy for the gross detoxification of the body. Nadi in Sanskrit means tubes and sweda refers to perspiration. Now in this Ayurvedic treatment basically the patient is made to sweat profusely through the application of steam all over the body.

The process has two vital therapeutic significances. Firstly through excessive sweating the body’s channels (or in traditional Ayurvedic term shrotas channel) get purified and cleaned by carrying the sweat out of the body. Secondly through the application of hot steam, it leads to various therapeutic benefits like pain relief from joints, muscles or crucial skeletal portions in the body. Thus, Nadi sweda can also be applied as part of larger therapeutic goal to the whole body and can be applied locally for the treatment of definite diseases or reliefs.

The administration of Nadi sweda is decided on by the Ayurvedic therapist in terms of the patient’s diagnosis. It is either applied locallyor across the entire body. Hot steam is applied by an instrument particularly used for this called Nadi Sweda yantra which carries the hot steam and sprays it on various areas of the body. Before providing the hot steam the body is anointed with an Ayurvedic oil formulation.

Health benefits of Nadi sweda:

Nadi sweda is a crucial therapy in terms of Ayurvedic detoxification process of Panchkarma. It provides local pain relief or relief from various disorders in the muscular skeletal parts of the body and has a wide range of health benefits such as elimination of toxic substances through the sweat carrying channels in the body. It also assists with the removal of arthritis and gout etc. Add to that the beautification and rejuvenation of skin, the relief of oedema, the reduction of stiffness of the joints and the improvement of blood circulation.

Netra -Tarpana

Eyes are door for brain
Netra Tarpana is one of the specialized Ayurvedic treatments for various eye disorders. Netra Tarpana acts as both preventive and curative therapy for maintaining normal HEALTH. Netra Tarpana is a procedure wherein lukewarm medicated ghee is made to stay stagnant in the eyes for a speculated time in a specific formed frame. The prescribed medicines have the quality of trans passing into minute channels of the body, hence when applied in the eyes, it enters deeper layers of cells and cleans every minute part. The lipophilic action of Gritha facilitates the transportation of the drug to the target organ and finally reaches the cell because the cell membrane also contains lipids.

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