Most of us are familiar with visiting a health care provider when we feel ill. The provider diagnoses the sickness and determines what has caused it. The treatment is then geared towards selecting a technique to battle the pathogens. Invariably the same medicine, procedure and doses are used for all those battling the same illness. By comparison Ayurvedic diagnosis and subsequent treatments differ from this western process in that the diagnosis is made not only on the disease level but also on the patient level to individualise and tailor treatment for each patient.

Ayurveda treatment is a journey into the inner-self that enables one to discover one’s own healing forces and realize the joyous nature of the inner-mind: the soul and the complete inner-self.
Ayurveda is a time-tested art of healing to take charge of your own health
Ayurveda is a complete education to a new way of living. Ayurvedic therapies, applied in the traditional Ayurvedic method, will impact and transform the entire being.

Ayurveda is a sophisticated process that includes specific therapies and herbal medications to cleanse the body and sub-conscious mind of their emotional and physical garbage. Ayurveda treatments are used to purify the body and clear deep-rooted toxins. It is designed to prevent or manage disease, restore balance and ultimately rejuvenate the entire being. Although Ayurveda is used to treat serious and chronic conditions, it is also highly effective as a preventative treatment. These treatments are body friendly and natural.

At our centre, we offer Abhyanga (Traditional Oil massage) Udvartana (Udvarthanam) – Ayurvedic Powder Massage, Oil bath (Pizhichil) , Grain massage , Body Paste ,Local Steam Application ,Head & Neck and Marma massage, Nasya (nasal drops) , Eye irrigation , KATI BASTI ,  Shirobasti, Ayurvedic Facial ,   Shirodhara, in total, more than 50 therapies. 

Type of therapies, cost and material used is decided only by our doctors.

  • Our center is not a health spa
  •  Our center is a therapeutic health centre.

Ayurvedic Medicines

Ayurvedic medicines are natural and herbal-based and completely non-toxic. Most medicines are drawn from plant extracts. They are manufactured in India and exported under strict supervision of the health ministry. It is important to note that natural medicines which are used are made up of the herbs and minerals which also constitute our body. That is why there are no side-effects.

As per our principal and dedication; we source only genuine products from authentic pharmaceuticals and suppliers.

We dispense a full range of ayurvedic medicines. These are sourced from reputable pharmaceuticals and are packed under the supervision of Dr Ram.